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The market is full of many electrical contractors but choosing the best service provider continues to be a challenge for most businesses and home owners. We are a licensed electrical contractor with over 20 years of experience in providing electrical services to distinguished general contractors, commercial, residential, and industrial clients in New Jersey. The high level of value we provide clients along with our professional integrity has made us a popular firm to work with.

Our professional staff adhere to the vision and mission of the company. We value the time and money of our clients by meeting project timelines and providing quality service. Our goals have always been satisfied customers and long-term business relationships.

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Services offered by Proman Electric LLC


Proman Electric LLC is a renowned service provider equipped with highly expert task force which has the proven track record in sorting out any electrical issues of your industry. It handles all your electrical repairs and new installations starting from diagnosing power issues to panel box and rewiring upgrades, to new installations of lighting, switches and sockets. Its twenty years of experience and updated technology made it as the market leader. So contact today and meet your any query regarding the electrical problems of your industries with a convenient solution.


In providing Residential service, Proman Electric LLC is not simply a name in the New Jersey rather it is considered as a brand. The secret of its brand value is the dedicated electrical engineers along with their expertise with updated technology. It offers a reliable service for any residential electrical issues in a very nominal price. So it is the time for you to contact us in our prescribed website and share your electrical issues. Our team is ready to help you in any extent.


Our service is not at all confined within industrial and residential purposes rather it is also equally competent in offering quality commercial services. With proper licensing and insurance it offers in comparable commercial services. So let us know your electrical problems and the specified solution required for it. We will provide you the best service in the market IN A RELIABLE PRICE.

Some People Only an Awesome Electrician

Some people really dream of finding an awesome electrician but they don’t get the same. In order to make your dreams true you have to search for an electrician who is qualified, experienced, and have a sound professional reputation having authentic license.

From this point of view, Proman electric is undoubtedly a registered brand in the market. 20 years of productive experience in providing electrical services to many significant general contractors, commercial, residential and industrial clients it has proved itself as a front runner in the race of competitions. The strength of this enterprise is high standard of client value along with the professional integrity in each and every project it handles.

In service delivery, each of our actions is intended to satisfy the vision and mission of the enterprise. We give much more emphasis on best service in residential, commercial, or industrial projects. So don’t be late in order to make your dream of finding an awesome electrician at your door step. We can ensure you to value your dreams in a full phased professional and expertise manner.

Project Management

Proman Electric LLC has a versatile project management skill. It takes up the orders of the client and completes all assignments within a specified time frame.

Bid Packaging

Proman Electric LLC offers best suitable contracts with well furnished Bid Packaging. It contains basic drawings like architectural, structural, mechanical & electrical plans along with the project manual.

Our Services

As a renowned and dignified enterprise we offer our best service in residential, commercial, or industrial projects. We are equipped with updated technologies along with experienced and talented electricians who have the ability to meet any demand of the clients in a highly professional approach.

New Construction ​

Competent enough in providing electrical services in case of new construction works. We take care in service delivery keeping in mind the minute expectations of our clients.

Surge Protectors

We offer quality surge protectors which protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. We also render safety measure by such surge protectors.

Utility Services

Generally electric utilities include investor owned, publicly owned, cooperatives and nationalized entities. As a frontline service provider we provide quality utility services.

Office Buildings

We are very much professional in installation of highly sophisticated electrical appliances.

Motor Controls​​​​

We offer our clients best quality motor controls which is capable enough in starting or stopping the motor by perfect regulation.

LED Lighting​

LED lighting has been proved as the best lighting solution. We promote LED lighting in a competent manner in order to save energy.

Helping Small

We believe every big business was small during the initial period. So every small business has a great opportunity to convert it into big. Being a renowned electrical contractor, we support small business at our extent by providing electrical services to many distinct contractors, clients of various fields like commercial, residential and industrial sectors. It offers required training, licensing, equipments, business plans and marketing strategy to small scale business houses to have a progress in the field. Proman Electric LLC always adheres to its professional values and created a smooth business environment by helping small businesses

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